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Medicare Gynae & Stone Hospital Nawada is the top known hospital in the Nawada, Bihar. It provides the facility of all types of General Surgery, Gynae Surgery, Delivery Service, Cesarean Services, Contraceptive Counselling, etc.

Doctors of Medicare Gynae are highly trained, experts & experienced. Consult us for any type of surgery. Fully equipped with modern amenities and facilities. We provide human care along with health care..

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Medicare gyne

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Kidney & Stone Operation

Our stone experts offer advanced treatment for kidney stones, with a focus on minimally invasive techniques, even for the largest stones.

Three main techniques for kidney stone surgery

  •  Including the size and type of stone.
  •  Medications you may be taking.
  •  Your other medical problems and patient preference.
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Delivery Service

Medicare Gynae Hospital,

within a short span of time has become one of the best place for delivery in Nawada, Bihar. With a team of highly qualified and trained gynecologists, neonatal specialists, pediatricians and other staffs,we work best to provide you the delicate care required. Right from your conception till delivery. We are fully equipped with adequate technology and staff to ensure that you receive utmost safety and comfort. Medicare Gynae Hospital is equipped with the advanced medical technologies in patna, to provide you and your baby with the best possible care in a safe environment within a short duration of time. We provide ultra-sonography services to aid fetal monitor growth progress of the unborn child

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This results in the inability to become pregnant. Hysterectomy includes removal of the cervix.

There are different types of surgeries:

  •  Supracervical Hysterectomy
  •  Total Hysterectomy
  •  Radical Hysterectomy
  •  Salpingo-oophorectomy
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Cesarean Services

A Cesarean section is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby in which an incision is made through the abdomen into the uterus and the baby is lifted out..

some information you'll need to know before during or after surgery.

  •  The actual operation usually takes between 60 minutes.
  •  Cut in your abdomen
  •  Baby will be lifted out through cut.
  •  Your baby will be carefully checked.
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  •  Qualified Doctors
  •  Emergency Service
  •  General Medical
  •  Cardio Monitoring
  •  Outdoor Checkup
  •  24 Hour Service
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best docters for piles & hernia in nawada


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best docters for piles & hernia in nawada

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best docters for piles & hernia in nawada